Cheating Spouses Caught On Tape Buenos Aires, Argentina

Misguided sexual energy turned into Pseudo-musical endeavours. The sound of bad jokes.

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Track Name: Sometimes a Cool Reference Is Not Enough
No words.
Cut the lines surgically.
Open the gates.
Not playing by the book.
Eating the book.

But the other ones were much worst.
I can sympathize but I won't.
This was never meant to be a church.

It crept slowly into our bone marrow.
The disguise, the design.
All dressed in shiny colors and beautiful thorns.
Too far from perfect to be suspicious.
An impulse, almost.
Track Name: The Land of the Pointless
I'll remove myself.

All those broken theories.
It might be just what we were waiting for.
Track Name: Nobody Warned Me that Life Was High School Repeating Itself In a Neverending Loop of Bullying
Shield your ears.
Fail the test.
Walk through this minefield.
Dread each step.

Every single thing.

There is no advice.
Frown harder.
Eyes on the side.
Track Name: Lack of Insight Excuse Your Transphobic Behavior Does Not (Only a Cis Deals in Absolutes)
Foul dreams and shivers.
Except my own.
A heirloom on the floor.

And the things that were given, they must be so important to you.
And it's obvious that all the implications never crossed your mind.

Around the seams.
Wired rope.
Typecast in fading gray.

So, here's what I think:
We need to climb real high, our fall must be the hardest or nothing at all.
Track Name: The Sensitive Indie Asshole (And His Best Buddy, The Misogynist Hardcore Nerd)
Cast a useless spell and dream away your chances.
Just as everything else.

And then we don't move.
A rhetorical maze.
Are you lost yet?

To some it's just a game, so they always end up winning.
The rest of us bleed as our screams are dismissed as a childish tantrum.

A hammer to crack all words written in stone.
Track Name: It's Not a Contradiction if You can Turn It into Art
Peel everything, expose nothing.
This is our stench.
Turn the flesh inside out only to reveal
( the outside in disguise).

Turn away.
Far away.

It's my rack and I'll stay here for as long as needed.
Do you want to know something?
Like our fear.

Recruit yourself old.
Smash that wretched thing.
You know I won't pass judgment.
At least not in public.
Track Name: I'm Not Sure that You Can Re-Signify That
Words stolen from liars.
These final moments are just a global mindfuck.
Electricity on the wrong hands.

Words never spoken.
The blinding vast whiteness numbing the senses.

All those images.
The movement, the rhythm.

This invisible dance.
Lights clouding the sight.
Maybe it's just a failed connection.
Maybe it's real.
Maybe we'll never know.
Track Name: Of Productivity, Sex and Scissors
Wear this rust like the blood of Christ on your tongue.
Paint my skin with ash and brimstone.


Broken spines, tearful eyes and a box of matches.
Let me be a worm.

I'm scared.
A Blade.
Track Name: Like I Don't Know That I'm Pathetic
Nobody slips on these walls.
We hold a solipsistic sort of hope.

Nod to the sleep of sweet fires.
One day they'll save another world.

Unbreakable trajectories.
Track Name: Just a Skeleton (Tales of The Outside, The Inside and The Lack of Meaning)
Weakness and strength I cannot understand.
I'll say the opposite every time.
Not here.
I'd say that we'll have time but we both know that's a lie.
I am the daughter of spasms and strained joints.

Don't run.
Out in the open with a knife between my teeth.
Bleeding gums and all.
Like hell.
Like a rope.

In a complicated relationship with a drill.
We can take what we want.
The numbers are on our side.

A network too dense to notice and impossible to escape.
Are we choking yet?
The answers seem blurred and yet so clear.
The most frightening vision.

It's so crowded here no one will notice until it's too late.
In a heartbeat they'll cut our throats and drink our blood.
And we can't blame them but we'll try to anyway.