Gender as Cultural Violence And the Issues of Body and Mind Control

by Cheating Spouses Caught On Tape

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If I could put it into words I wouldn't have to play it.


released January 3, 2014

Sounds & Words by Fer Suarez.



all rights reserved


Cheating Spouses Caught On Tape Buenos Aires, Argentina

Misguided sexual energy turned into Pseudo-musical endeavours. The sound of bad jokes.

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Track Name: I Was a Promiscuous Homosexual Teenage Anarchist
I'm all dressed up and ready to go. Hornier than romantic. Awkward and somehow cute, I guess. Silent anyway, whether speaking or not.
Track Name: Daddy, Am I a Masochist? (Spanking the Bad Girl Blues)
Embrace rejection. Be one. Ready to explode at any time. Smile. Always. Smile.
Track Name: Come As Your Madness
Doors are also lines. Patterns and prayers flowing as one. Force the pieces in almost perfect symmetry. Sing and rejoice. We're ready. We're properly dressed. If we laugh, why can't you?
Track Name: So What If I don't Have a Name for What I Am Right Now Sexually Speaking
He's angry and scared. She wants to tell the truth. They both hear the same voices. They seem to be obsessing over obsession. But they will be fine.
Track Name: MasturbatriXXXL (Mariana Cordoba's Song)
Track Name: Pansexual Show at Channel 13
You think this is easy for me. Not knowing what you're thinking. Knowing is harder. Maybe. I'll stop writing when you say so. Consider this another thing unsaid.
Track Name: Suicide Is Also a Way Of Reclaiming Power
So hard to focus through rainy windows. I'll always be going back and forth with these thoughts. I'm sorry. It's only bones, you know? Showmanship and happy songs. More coffee, please.
Track Name: Suck a Dick
I don't hate you. I don't think I hate you. I'm just confused. And angry. And sad. I think you'll love it. Do you want me to turn the volume down? Oxygen is overrated. Sweet dreams.
Track Name: Tired of Those Leather Daddies on Steroids (A Suite Against Closeted Fascists)
Here we are now, entertain us. Sleazy and wrong. Greetings. Broken teeth. Blood-drenched lips. Look outside. Now look inside. Now look again. Now do what you want.
Track Name: And Finally I Came to the Overwhelming Realization That Almost None of my Thoughts Were Mine
Movies are bullshit. None of them are real. Times ten. I understand. I am scared too.
Track Name: Why Can't We Consider Onanism/Voyeurism a Proper Sexual Orientation?
The neck. Armed and dangerous. Maybe an excuse but who are you to judge? Climax. Repeat. You can be somehow free. Stop. Climax. Repeat. One less. Wear women clothes. Stop. Climax. Repeat.
Track Name: Self-Pity is Such a Turn-On
Stoned and insomniac. Never fully awake, never fully asleep. Away. Not cute anymore, not anything anymore. But still ready to go. A big baby, the perfect failure.
Track Name: White, Skinny, Handsome People Don't Know Shit About What It Is Like to Live Under Fascist Beauty Standards (Or There Is No Such Thing as Alternative Models)
Punch. Kick. Hurt. Do it now. Cut their faces. Smash their skulls. Sing and rejoice. I can't help you. I am not here. I am just a witness.
Track Name: Play This Song If You Want to Get Butt Fucked By a Sissy Top
The last building collapsed at three a.m.